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Native American Roots Inspire Kechi’s New Brand

The City of Kechi, today, released its fresh, new marketing brand, replacing the familiar lamp image.  The logo was designed by the Armstrong-Chamberlin Group, who conducted multiple interviews with focus groups encompassing residents, businesses, and local officials.

The separate groups almost universally expressed a profound respect for the Native American origins of Kechi. Founded in 1888, the City of Kechi was named after the Native American People who inhabited the area.  The name “Kechi”, as translated, means “walking in wet sand”, or, “water turtle”.

The timeless logo design blends tradition with modern imagery, honoring Kechi’s Native American past.  The colors represent the water and sand of the turtle’s habitat.

The City of Kechi also embraced a new slogan: “Creative. Connected.  Pleasantly Unexpected.”

Kechi artists and  businesses embody the creative aspects of the community.  Residents and visitors, alike, appreciate the connectedness one only finds in a small town.  The warmth of the local people and proprietors reminds one of the comforts of being home.

The City of Kechi invites friends, neighbors, visitors, and businesses to use the “water turtle” images in displaying a distinctive connection to Kechi.

Artwork, in various formats, is available for free download at:

For more information about using the Kechi brand, contact:

Laura Hill, City Clerk

316 -744-9287

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