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City Administrator

Robert Conger

City Administrator



  • main technical advisor to the council on overall governmental operations


  • day-to-day operations
  • economic development
  • public relations


  • supervises all city departments and staff
  • oversees all hiring, firing, disciplining, and suspensions
  • prepares, monitors, and executes the city budget including submitting an annual proposed budget package with options and recommendations for its consideration and approval
  • meets with citizens, citizen groups, businesses, and other stakeholders
  • operates the city with professional understanding of how all city functions operate together to their best effect
  • informs the governing body of facts that relate to an issue and recommends a course of action that is in the best interest of the city
  • sees that the City Council's actions are implemented and carried out
  • responds to comments, concerns, and questions of residents in a timely manner

About Robert

  • appointed by the Mayor with support of the City Council in July 2012
  • International City Managers Association (ICMA) member
  • Kansas Association of City-County Management (KACM) member
  • received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration from Wichita State University
  • attained an Associate of Applied Fire Science from Butler County Community College
  • served 32 years with the Sedgwick County Fire Department, advancing to the rank of fire captain
  • was a licensed Kansas Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • was a hazmat technician with the Hazmat Task Force
  • recognized in 1995 as Firefighter of the Year for his off duty water rescue of an injured jet skier
  • lived in Haysville
  • was active in the Haysville community by serving on the Haysville Planning Commission, Haysville Forward, and as a leader with his sons' Boy Scout troop
  • Currently reside in Kechi while their two adult sons (both Eagle Scouts) live in Wichita and Boston
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