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Municipal Court

Court is held the third Tuesday of every month

at 6:30pm at City Hall (220 W Kechi Rd)

Court Appearances

  • If you missed your court date for a criminal charge, the Judge will grant a 30 day extension. After 30 days, you will be charge with failure to appear; and a warrant will be issued.
  • If you missed your court date for a traffic ticket, call the Court to request an extension.
  • You can reschedule your court date.
  • If something unexpected has come up and your cannot make your court date, call the Court for an extension.
  • The Judge did not dismiss your case when the officer was not there because by signing the ticket, he or she has signed a sworn statement.
  • You can represent yourself.
  • If your child received a ticket, he or she needs to go to court with a parent.
  • You cannot appear earlier than your trail date and time to speak with the Judge but you can make an appointment to meet with the City Prosecutor through the Court Clerk.

Drivers License Issues

  • If your drivers license is suspended for failing to pay a traffic ticket, pay your ticket and state fines to have it reinstated.
  • Contact the Court Clerk to set up a payment plan.
  • If you do not pay your fine by the due date, you need to call the Court Clerk.
  • Sometimes, you can just pay the amount on the warrant and not go to jail.
  • You cannot pay your fine online.
  • You can pay your fine over the phone.
  • You cannot pay your ticket and still appear to plead "not guilty".


  • If served a bench warrant, you can get out of jail.
  • If you go to jail, you can post bond or wait until you are released.
  • A surety bond ensures that you will show up for court.
  • If you are in jail and have a court date, you will be transported to court.
  • You can find out if someone is in jail by going to and check the inmate population.

Appeals and Request for Consideration

  • File a Notice of Appeal through the Clerk of the District Court.
  • You have 30 days from judgment to file an appeal.
  • If you appeal, you will get another court date.

Records and Warrants

  • If you have an outstanding warrant, try to find out what it is for.
  • You cannot see your sealed file.


  • If a police officer was rude, call the Police Chief.
  • Call the Police Chief to file a complaint about an officer.
  • You cannot plead by phone.
  • If your relative got arrested, talk to your attorney.
  • If you are a victim of identity theft and there is fraudulent information on your driving record and your license is suspended, file a police report. The information will be put on the national database. You can take the police report to your creditors and the DMV.
  • A Restraining Order's purpose is to protect adults and children from harm. You can get a Restraining Order from the District Court of Sedgwick County.
  • An Order of Protection's purpose is to protect adults and children from physical harm. You can get an Order of Protection from the District Court of Sedgwick County.
  • Harassment is a constant disruption to your physical or mental health or way of life.
  • To obtain publicly available court records, call the Court Clerk.
  • Pay fines in the form of cash, check, or credit card either in person, over the phone, or by mail. Pay fines all at once or set up an installment plan with Court Clerk.
  • You may appeal a fine by coming to court and speaking with the City Prosecutor.
  • Your payment deadline is no later than the court date.
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