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Nearby Shelters

Lost Pets

  1. Search your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors and any neighborhood businesses.
  2. Contact the City of Kechi Police Department at 316.744.6611 to notify them of your lost pet and to leave your contact information.
  3. Contact Sedgwick County Animal Control at 316.838.9623 to check if your pet has been picked up.
  4. Visit and click "Lost my Pet" to see animals in the Wichita Animal Shelter.
  5. Contact your veterinary clinic and microchip company.
  6. Visit to see animals that were found in the Wichita area.
  7. Visit to see animals that were found in Kansas.
  8. Visit to see animals that were found in Wichita.
  9. After your pet is found, remember to take down all notices you’ve posted online and around your neighborhood.

Vaccinations, Tags, & Licenses

All dogs and cats owned by Kechi residents must be vaccinated. The closest places to have your pet vaccinated are
  • Heartland Animal Hospital at 4100 N Woodlawn Blvd in Bel Aire
  • Kansas Humane Society at 3313 N Hillside in Wichita

All dogs must wear a tag indicating compliance with Sedgwick County's animal code.

All Kechi dog-owners must obtain a dog license. Call Sedgwick County Animal Control at 316.660.7070 to schedule an appointment to fill out a license form at 1015 Stillwell in Wichita. You will need:
  • Your dog's vaccination tag number from the metallic tag.
  • Vaccination certificate from your veterinarian.
  • License fee payment (accepts cash, checks, and credit cards):
--Spayed or neutered dog: $12

--Non-spayed or non-neutered dog: $22

  • Your name, address, and phone number.

Be prepared to sign a statement that the dog has never previously been determined to be a dangerous or vicious animal.

Spay & Neuter

The City of Kechi encourages its residents to have their pets spayed or neutered. The following websites will help you get started researching your options.

Laws & Rules

Kechi residents must comply with the Sedgwick County Animal Code.

Report Nuisances or Dangerous Animals

Kechi residents may report nuisances or dangerous animals to Sedgwick County Animal Control at 316.660.7070.

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